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How do we setup Statio Pro Emulator

I am trying to develop an Android App for Clover POS and trying to set up an emulator on my local.

From the documentation here:

I was able to understand what components makeup Station Pro. However, it says, a customer-facing terminal that is similar to the Mini & merchant-facing display that is similar to Station 2018.

I am not able to find though what configurations I need to do in order to connect those 2 emulators (Bluetooth/anything else) to get a real device experience?

Also, which APK versions of the Clover engine need to be used in the Sandbox environment as Station Pro is a newer version and has probably more features?

Also, I am trying to develop an app that would initiate flow on both customer-facing as well as the merchant-facing interface, so just having 2 emulators will emulate the real experience?

Thanks in advance.

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You will need to purchase a Station Duo (Pro) devkit, it cannot be emulated.


You cannot emulate the Station Duo (Previously Station Pro) as it is a combination of two devices - Terminal and Display.

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Thanks for response @David.

I have another question to follow that up -

I am trying to run sample example app for "Custom Tender" feature as documented here -

Looks like we will be able to see the "custom tender button" on merchant facing emulator/display only when customer facing emulator/display featrue is in sync and implemented.

So, do you have any thoughts on how can we do this with Station 2018 at least?

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I am sorry, your question isn't clear to me. Are you asking how you can see the custom tender button on a Station 2018 emulator? Are you planning on using a merchant or customer facing tender?

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Okay, let me put this in 2 parts.

1. Yes you are right. I want to see the custom tender button on Station 2018 emulator. Do we require to have a customer-facing emulator as well in this case? Currently, I am trying to run this example app but facing an issue mentioned in another question here -

I read through some documentation that said I will require to have customer-facing display integration as well for Custom Tender example.

2. Secondly, I am developing an app that would launch a custom activity in the register app's flow (after Cash Tender is settled) and call some of our backend APIs to create some custom app flow. I don't see any documentation supporting this use-case that would help me launch my app's custom activity.

I understand that the above queries might be a little diverting from the original question, but that's what we are trying to achieve and the emulator setup in step-1.

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