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Tax Calculation on an Order


I am having a hard time figuring out how Clover calculated taxes. I have looked at and still cannot get to the total that Clover has come up with.

We have a the following order:

Pizza 1 x $18.10 = $18.10

Bread 1 x $2.45 = $2.45

Delivery Charge 1 x $5.00 (added as a non-taxable line item on the order).

Order subtotal = $25.55

Discount -$2.06 (calculated as 10% on subtotal excluding delivery charge).

Tax Total (Ours) $1.53

Tax Total (Clover) $1.56

I cannot explain this 3c difference. If we remove the delivery surcharge then the tax amount matches. But as I mentioned above, delivery surcharge is added as a non-taxable custom item so its inclusion or exclusion should not effect tax calculations.

Can you please help.

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You may want to read this, You can mark an item as non-taxable, but you can't mark an item as being excluded from the discount. If this doesn't clear things up for you, provide the order id and environment.

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Hi David,

The issue is exactly the same as JMS's issue described in the post you mentioned but I do not see a resolution to it. This order is NDK5C9S3YFK94 in sandbox environment. Just like JMS's issue, we have a flat service charge and an order level discount resulting in a lower tax calculated then what Clover calculates.

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There is no fix for it. You will need to calculate the total as we do and not treat the non tax item specially regarding discounts.

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