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how to show multiple taxes applied in clover receipt for an order.?


We are applying multiple custom taxes on clover Item. We successfully applied from our custom application by following code.

1- This is how tax created:-

  1. val taxRate = TaxRate()
  2. taxRate.isDefault = false
  3. = ml + "ml"
  4. taxRate.rate = 0
  5. taxRate.taxAmount = taxAmount
  7. val isCreated = inventoryConnector().createTaxRate2(taxRate)
  8. taxId =

2- This is how tax applying.

  1. val listTaxRates = ArrayList<String>()
  2. inventoryConnector().taxRates.forEach { i ->
  3. if (taxId == {
  4. listTaxRates.add(
  5. return@forEach
  6. }
  7. }
  8. inventoryConnector().assignTaxRatesToItem(
  9. itemId,
  10. listTaxRates
  11. )

We are paying from register application where multiple tax applied. Now the problem is, we want to show all the taxes which is applied for that order on clover receipt. Please guide us how we can achieve this.

Please check the attachment where you can find our requirement.


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I think you would have to generate and print a custom receipt to do that.

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sreekant avatar image sreekant commented ·

Okay, but how in attachment, the categories of tax applied is showing.

This is the scenario when i added one item from inventory application. Then i applied multiple taxes from edit item screen available on inventory application after clicking on any item.

Then i open the register application and paid that item from register app where multiple taxes applied. Then check the receipt by below link.

So my question is,

Q1.why taxes applied from our code is not showing on clover receipt.?

Q2.Is there no way to show categories of taxes applied without using custom receipt.?

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ sreekant commented ·

I am sorry, your question is very unclear to me. You linked a web receipt which shows a fuel and a cigarette tax, are there taxes you are adding that aren't listed? Is that the problem? Or, is the problem that the printed receipt doesn't reflect the taxes the same way that the web receipt does?

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For testing purpose i added the cigarette tax and fuel tax on a dummy item and paid through register application and check the clover receipt where both taxes reflected on receipt.

same as we are doing from our code in our custom application where we successfully applied the multiple taxes and paid through register application. But in clover receipt only calculated tax is visible but we need the taxes details too on receipt it as it worked for the dummy item.

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