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I have had several customers contact me for help with their Clover device when they did not reach a resolution with Clover Customer Service.

I was unable to help the customer reach a resolution because of endpoints that are unavailable to myself and the inventory features are not available to the customers.

Two major issues that I have had support calls on is:

1) the ability to alphabetize items within a category. Items are displayed in a category as they are added and there is not a way to alphabetize the items for quick selection.
I could offer a solution that will save all of the customers' data, alphabetize the items, delete existing items, and re-upload everything to their database. But this issue would be best solved by Clover since it is a Clover issue and not an issue with my published app.
2) The ability to add SRV and Bottle Tax on individual items, both percentage and flat rate. I have suggested to several customers they may try adding a separate tax line, but wasn't a viable solution because the customer can not select a "Custom" tax per item because the tax toggles between default and custom if a customer selects between the two. And adding the custom tax line to their default tax is not viable because it will add the custom tax on every item and not items that require the additional tax.
I have also suggested the use of item modifiers. This too is not a viable solution because several customers have tried this and works only if there is a prompt to select the modifier or doesn't work as expected. Customers want a way to add SRV and Bottle Tax to individual items without a dialog requiring user input. The same way one would add tax, but the ability to add it to individual items and not across their whole inventory as default.

Both issues are the most common that customers had contacted me about. I sent this identical message to and was told to submit it here so the engineers will get it.
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1) You can re-order inventory items in the Inventory app.

2) For percentage, why can't they create a new tax "bottle tax" and add it to the inventory items that should be so taxed?

For flat amounts I don't think there's a good option. You can add a new inventory item that is "bottle tax" but they have to remember to add it. Or like you say modifiers. There is an option to cause the modifier popup to always show when the item is selected. Problem with both of those is that it won't be noted as a "tax" in reporting.

Sounds like the feature request is "constant tax" or something like that.
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As you said, there is a way to alphabetize category items on a Clover device, by manually dragging them in the Category app, instead of a Sort feature.

When a merchant has hundreds or thousands of items in a category (such as grocery or feed stores), it would take virtually forever to sort. Instead of a quick (⇧ a-Z, ⇩ a-Z) sort feature that will alphabetize the items in the selected Category on the Register app.

The issue with SRV and Bottle Tax, a merchant should be able to set and select an additional tax for certain items instead of being applied to all inventory items or the need for manual input from lower level employees.

Instead of the only two options of Default which can only be placed on all items or a Custom selected tax which also applies to all inventory items. A merchant should be able to specify an additional tax that should be automatically applied to selected items and set in "Merchant Setup > Taxes" on the dashboard.

I guess the best way to explain these issues is to show the need for these features.

States such as California and Mississippi charge a tax up front in addition to the wholesale price on prepackaged Oil and Beer products. Some merchants choose to show a lower shelf price on items such as alcohol or oil instead of adding taxes in the retail price and then add the additional tax on the item at checkout.

The need to add a second variable or fixed rate tax on various items would solve this issue for merchants.

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"A merchant should be able to specify an additional tax that should be automatically applied to selected items" on the dashboard"- Yes, you can do that. You create taxes in the Setup app, and you associate them with inventory items in the Inventory app. Create a tax called "bottle tax", and associate it with only the inventory items to which that tax should be applied.

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