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Notification for order Payment

Want to know is there any service available from clover which will push notification on device when any order going to be paid over the web or from delivery card swipe machine?

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To confirm, you are wondering if a Clover device sends out a notification when an order has been paid somewhere other than that device such as a different device or web?

I don't believe an intent is broadcast in that circumstance. We do use push messages to trigger order sync so that data is kept up to date as much as possible on every device.

In the clover-android-sdk we provide a OnOrderUpdateListener2 class you can register using the OrderConnector. It has a callback that is invoked when an order is paid, but only works for payments made on the device your app is running and only works if your app is active.

A better solution might be to use a webhook: . Once enabled your web server will receive details of payments or orders when an event has occurred. You can use that information to do whatever you like.

There is currently no way to mark multiple orders paid simultaneously.

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I need to set title (Delivered /Not delivered ,etc) of order based on payment of this app gets done, payment can be done from clover station or credit card handheld machine (in case of delivery ,dont know if such payment done how the clovers order gets paid).Is orderlistener going to notify me even after the app gets killed, or app is not in background ? If not how can i do that ?Please suggest !!!

One more question how can i make multiple orders paid at a time ?

Can you update your answer please !!!

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I updated my answer.

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