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Print orders created by the rest api

We are creating orders through the rest api. The orders can be placed successfully and we can view it in the clover POS also.

But how do we send these orders to the printer.

I know this question has be asked before but just wondering if there is a good way of doing that now?

The online orders placed through clover's own online ordering system are successfully printed thought. Assuming they are using the same REST API to do so.

OrdersREST APIPrint
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The below answer is still current:

We do not have a public API to print an order. You need to have an Android app on the device.

This is not a trivial task as you need to be aware of order syncing issues (your app can't print the order until the order has completely synced). Please see Jeff's answer here for some suggestions for working around this.

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This is not a trivial task

Correct me if I am wrong but I think the problem here (which Jeff's link doesn't address) is that orders placed via REST should automatically be printed on kitchen printers if they are setup to do so, taking advantage of labels etc. Clover have done this hard work already here, and it is an awful waste of time for developers to come up with their own haphazard solution. @vyasnrao there is much more detail here on this feature request.

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I agree with you that developers should not be forced to create their own app to do this. That being said there are quite a few complexities in how this was implemented for Clover's online ordering and reasons that it won't work as is for 3rd party developers.

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Dan avatar image Dan David Marginian ♦♦ commented ·

Before Clover's online ordering came along though, printing via the Orders app does what we need. So the capability is under this button:1605192825631.png

Developers / merchants just need the ability for it to "click" that automatically when an order comes in. I suppose the complexity is making sure it only prints once, but it's obviously been done before for the ordering app. It sounds like I will need to build my own implementation that does that click, manually figuring out all of the label logic which already exists within Clover and probably doing an inferior job (referenced by Jacob here). There are a lot of requests for this, if I get around to it, I'll open source it!

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raghavslk avatar image raghavslk commented ·

Ween you say device, is it Clover POS device at Merchant store?

Android app need to be installed on CLover POS device? And can we write logic to print kitchen receipt on that?

Sorry, I am not understanding what it is meant by 'Android App on device'

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Yes, we are talking about the Clover device.

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Thanks for the quick response David.

Are there instructions anywhere on how to achieve this?

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