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Adding Tax to an Order

I have looked at other posts regarding taxes but none seem to work for me. I have gone back and forth on the newer ECOMM (v1 Charge endpoint) and ended up re-writing everything to give me more functionality. So, now I have everything re-written to use the older v3 endpoints. When using the newer ECOMM Charge endpoint, I can get the tax amount to carry forward into Clover. However, I can't find a way to successfully do this in the v3 endpoints. Basically, the Tax amount doesn't show up on the order when on the merchant's dashboard in clover. Here are the order of operations I'm calling:

Query or Create a new Order Type (v3/order_types)

Create Order (v3/order)

Create Order Line Items (v3/bulk_line_items)

Pay for Order (v1/orders/Pay) I have to call this version of making a payment due to the fact I'm using the embedded iframe and have a card nonce

I don't see a way that either a taxAmount or tax_amount value can be passed in. From a previous post it looked like if I setup a default tax amount in Clover, that all orders coming in would simply use that tax amount and therefore I wouldn't need to pass it in. However, I tried this and I still can't seem to get a tax value to display on an order in Clover when sent in from the REST API's.

The only way it would show is if I used the new ECOMM v1/Charges endpoint which I can't use any longer since I have to pass in more details than what those ECOMM API's will accept. The Charge API would accept a tax_amount value and it would show when logged into Clover.


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When using the bulk_items endpoint you need to pass in a taxRates array for each item:

"items": [
            "taxRates": [
                    "name": "default",
                    "rate": 740000,
                    "id": "taxRateUUID"

Where each item in the taxRates array is an existing taxRate defined by the merchant. If you need to create a taxRate you can do so via

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