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Clover possible integrations


My name is Greg and after going through the documentation I have some doubts about the possibilities that Clover give to POS integrators, and I hope I will find some answers here.

1- Does any Clover integration provide an UI or some kind of shell application (something like shopify POS) that our application would just extend? Or all the Clover integrations are just plugins for already made applications, that just extend it's functionalities with payments and merchant data management?

2- If the 1st question is negative then if I would like to create a POS app for Android users that uses the Clover integration, what's the difference between using the REST API and android SDK? I'm asking from functionality point of view. Is it true that the only thing that the SDK provides additionally is the support for Clover hardware (Scanners, printers, card readers)?

3- As far as I was able to understand, In order to use the REST API, in the application we have to implement a login screen that collects the credentials that will be used for OAuth authentication. Is this true? Can we authenticate in some other way?


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Hi Greg,

1) We provide example applications, but they are just that - examples. They aren't meant to be production ready POS systems.

2) I assume by POS, you mean a system that will initiate a payment that will be taken on a Clover Device in a card present manner. If so, this is what we call a semi integration, integration options here. It sounds like you would want to use Remote Pay Android which allows you to connect to a Clover device from an external Android device via USB (the USB Pay Display app will be used on the Clover Device) or over the local network (the Secure Network Pay Display app will be used on the Clover Device). The SDK provides you with code that aids in establishing a connection to the device and communicating with it over the selected protocol. A simple example as well as a more complicated POS example (once again, just an example) are provided here - To get started with a semi-integration the first step is to complete the intake form located here - Once the form is completed a member of our developer relations team will contact you to discuss your integration.

3) The REST API cannot be used to take card present payments on a Clover device and doesn't apply to this conversation.

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Hello David,

Thank you very much for the answer, it's very helpful. I would like to clarify some questions.

1- So by this I understand that we need to create our Android app, that uses our UI, designed by us, that integrates with Clover via SDK or REST API, and this .apk is going to be reviewed by Clover team, before publishing it in the store? And we can use your github examples as a base.

2- By this I understand that we need the SDK to use Clover hardware. But what if we are not going to use the Clover hardware? My biggest concern about the SDK is that it's limited only to Android, when the REST API is platform agnostic so probably in our case it would be a better option.

After explaining this, if our business would require Clover only for the POS management purpose, like merchants, payments, stocks etc., then the multiplatform APP integrating with Clover via REST API is an option?

Thank you,

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