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Can't configure emulator account

I am following the genymotion emulator instructions here:

I have got to the point where I add the clover account. In Add an Account, I tap "Clover" and it takes me to an account sign-in. However when I enter my credentials and press Log in, it gives the "Logging in..." dialog and then disappears without any action to the screen. I keep pressing Log in and nothing happens, nothing downloads. How do I get past this part? Or is there an alternate way to create a proper Clover emulator?

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alexprice avatar image alexprice commented ·

I am having the same issue. +1 for help

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alexprice avatar image alexprice commented ·

Still no luck :-(

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Gabriel Fernandez avatar image Gabriel Fernandez commented ·

Same Issue please if you found solution share it.

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gowthamy avatar image gowthamy Gabriel Fernandez commented ·

I am also facing the same issue. If you found the solution please share it

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victorespina avatar image victorespina commented ·

I am having the exact same problem. I've tried with the lastest Clover engine (2095) and with the oldest (1851) and is not working with either of them.

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