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order is successfully associated with customer, but orders app not synced

Hi there,

I use OrderConnector to update a customer on an order like this:


mOrder already has a customer on it. Immediately, I go to Orders app and it shows me that customer info does not show up in the order row. I waited a few minutes but nothing happened until I tap on sync button on top, customer info showed up.

How can I sync clover data immediately after OrderConnector.updateOrder is done?

I'm using a clover dev kit.

Any help would be appreciated.

OrdersClover Android SDK
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I want to deal with this as it is the cause of another problem, which I am concerned with.

After creating and updating an order, the app immediately switches to the payment screen. At this screen, select Pay Full Amount to pay, and pay with cash (you can do anything as long as the receipt screen shows up quickly). At the receipt screen, almost every time there is a delay of 3 to 5 seconds to get customer information. Users will not understand that they have to wait to press the buttons. If the user taps on Text message or Email in the previous period, email or phone will not be pre-filled in the input box. Even after the sync is completed, if the input box is already displayed, the Send button will be able to press if the customer has an email or phone, but the email or phone is not filled in the input box (I guess the button send still works and it will send to the correct address, but the address is not displayed on the screen). This issue can be confusing to the user, synchronization should be done immediately. I found the Registers app can do this, so I thought there must be a way to deal with it

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I found a solution here: It works, but unstable, and not recommended by Jeffrey Blattman

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