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Recent strange behavior with the Payments app

Over the past two weeks we have been getting customer feedback that our custom tenders are not completing correctly on a relatively frequent basis. I can't repro this and I'm about 90% sure that it's not a bug in our code, as I haven't touched that area in months, but you never know :]

Has there been any changes to the Payments app over the past couple of weeks that might cause an Activity-launching Tender to not create a Payment when setResult(RESULT_OK, data) is called with just the amount in the data?


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Did the payment get to the server at all?

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Hi Jeff, no a payment is not attached to the order at all. So essentially our app closes and the user is looking at the same screen they were when they launched via the tender to begin with

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No we would not have knowingly broken that interface. I looked at the code, and if the result is not ok, or if the amount is null, it silently drops the result and does nothing. Do you keep any sort of audit trail on your said about what responses you return for which order IDs? If so, you could map that back to specific merchant issues.

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