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Charge declined RE0539 - PLPOSDebit is invlaid| RE0665 - PLPOSDebitFlg is invalid|


I've created a sample app with the sdk provided and after the payment connector launches, I get the following error when I try and make a payment with the dev card provided.

When I upload the app pushed from Sandbox and run on the device I get the following error on the screen:

"Charge declined RE0539 - PLPOSDebit is invlaid| RE0665 - PLPOSDebitFlg is invalid|"

When I run the app directly on the deivce from the device I get the following error:

"Charge declined DECLINED No reason provided."

With the following logs;

I/DeviceHttpClient: PaymentActivity POST HTTP/1.1 took: 1196ms
/? E/CardPayHandler: onTransportError([main]: Exception 499 Application error
com.clover.http.HttpResponseException{StatusCode=499, ReasonPhrase='Application error', ErrorBody={"code":999,"message":"{\"message\":\"Charge declined:DECLINED: No reason provided.\",\"extra\":{\"common\":\"{\\\"LocalDateTime\\\":\\\"20200506183438\\\",\\\"POSEntryMode\\\":\\\"901\\\",\\\"POSID\\\":\\\"0264\\\",\\\"MerchID\\\":\\\"RCTST0000008099\\\",\\\"TermEntryCapablt\\\":\\\"12\\\",\\\"CardCaptCap\\\":\\\"1\\\",\\\"STAN\\\":\\\"000099\\\",\\\"POSCondCode\\\":\\\"00\\\",\\\"TermLocInd\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"TermID\\\":\\\"00000001\\\",\\\"TrnmsnDateTime\\\":\\\"20200506183438\\\",\\\"TermCatCode\\\":\\\"12\\\"}\",\"func\":\"PINLESS_DEBIT\",\"authorizingNetworkName\":\"NYCE\",\"athNtwkId\":\"28\",\"exp\":\"202512\",\"cvmResult\":\"NO_CVM_REQUIRED\",\"tkntype\":\"1174\"},\"gatewayResult\":\"DECLINED\"}"}}

I/TransportErrorPayResult: fromThrowable([main]: Unable to get tags from transport error: org.json.JSONException: No value for clientData
/? I/TransportErrorPayResult: fromThrowable([main]: Found error message: Charge declined DECLINED No reason provided
1780-1780/? I/PaymentController: handlePayState([main]: handling pay state: FAILED_SWIPE

In the sandbox environment our uploaded app also has a status of: Pending Developer Approval

Not sure if that has something to do with it.

Please let us know how to proceed, with trying to create a transaction.


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Have you tried using a different card?

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yoha avatar image yoha David Marginian ♦♦ ·

This is in the sandbox env on the clover flex device and I'm using the demo card that came with the kit.(the only one) When I use the card with the pre installed 'sale' app it seems to work, so I'm wondering if the issue is with the implementation.

Could it be any of the below;

1) When initializing the payment connector the application Id used is the RAID value from sandbox dashboard.

2) In the sandbox dashboard the app says pending developer approval.

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No, payments are not declined for those reasons. The sandbox environment uses an emulated payment gateway. It sounds like there may be an issue there. What is the test card number?

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The Amount in sandbox has to be >= $50.00.

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