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Station Pro freezes customer facing screen

Merchant is intermittently experiencing an issue where the "Stock" app seizes and locks up the customer facing mini. They have to reset the system every time this happens.

Station Pro's serial number is C053UQ00150001. They have already sent the device log.

Any idea what caused this?

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Jeffrey Blattman avatar image Jeffrey Blattman ♦♦ commented ·

What method are you using to render on the customer facing screen?

Is that customer-facing content? Looks like a merchant-facing app?

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kelvin avatar image kelvin Jeffrey Blattman ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Jeff,

This problem happened several other merchants, here is another merchant reported this problem today, their merchant ID is 8XA9YXJYP5F01.

Stock app suddenly launched on customer facing terminal when they were using Register app on Main display. Another merchant also reported exactly same problem on July 20th.

Can someone spend more time looking into this?

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Jeffrey Blattman avatar image Jeffrey Blattman ♦♦ kelvin commented ·

I don't have any leads on this. The only thing I can suggest is try to get a video of the problem (I know, unlikely), try to get steps to reproduce (what were they doing when it happend), and try to think about what might be different about your app that's triggering the problem.

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yaaascookies avatar image yaaascookies commented ·
We're seeing the same issues. We downloaded the Stock app and now seeing freezing issues on the register. The credit card facing machine stays lit with the stock information on it. Our only resolution around it is to press and hold the green reset button for 20 seconds to restart the machine in the middle of customers. Not good! Then when everything comes back on, try to go in and kill the runnings apps in the background. Hope someone can fix this soon.
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