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How do I call refunds/manual transactions on a Station Pro in java?

(I asked this question a few minutes ago, but it doesn't appear to have saved).

So, we have a web-view based app (html/javascript) running happily on Station 1, Mini 1 and 2. We don't yet have a Station Pro, but I'm being told that Manual Transactions are not supported on a Station Pro in the way they are on all the other devices our app runs on.

I'm not an accomplished Java developer, but I can read Java code. Currently we call this to initiate a manual transaction ..which we use purely for refunds.

intent = new Intent("com.clover.intent.action.START_MANUALTRANSACTION");

Can someone explain how this would be achieved on a Station Pro or direct me to some appropriate documentation? If possible we would prefer not to use START_MANUALTRANSACTION but use something like MANUAL_REFUND. Preferably our app would simply initiate a refund passing the amount across. Currently the user has to type in the refund amount into a soft keypad.

I'm guessing I would need to know the device type/model so we can choose which intent/class to call depending on which device the app is running on.

As we're not able to currently test this, do payments work the same way? Currently we call payments like this

public void payOrder(String orderId, String amt) {
    Intent intent = new Intent(Intents.ACTION_CLOVER_PAY);
    intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_AMOUNT, amt);
    intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_ORDER_ID, orderId);

    IntentFilter paymentFilter = new IntentFilter(Intents.ACTION_PAYMENT_PROCESSED);
    activity.registerReceiver(PaymentReceiver, paymentFilter);

    activity.startActivityForResult(intent, 1);


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Jacob Abrams answered

I'm not sure where you heard that Station Pro was different from Station 2018 or Station 1 in regards Manual Transactions app or payments intents, but there is not any difference in that particular area.

I recently gave a talk on this and most of the information in that talk is here:

Specifically you can see that it says "Apps will launch on the merchant-facing display. If your existing merchant-facing apps run on Clover Station 2018, they should run on Station Pro..." with a few caveats but the use of payments intents is not one of those caveats.

To be clear Manual Transactions is available on Station Pro and should work identically to other devices that have the Manual Transactions app.

That being said I don't see "com.clover.intent.action.START_MANUALTRANSACTION" in our public clover-android-sdk so that means you should be careful using it since we have no commitment to ensure that non-public APIs are stable.

Clover Payments app which is invoked with Intents.ACTION_CLOVER_PAY is also present on Station Pro.

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Thanks for the response Jacob. Actually I was told this from Nathan Binding at Clover in the UK. He is currently approving our app and picked up that Manual Transactions (refunds) would not launch.

We do have a Station 2018, so if you're telling me that if our app runs fine on the 2018 it will run on the Pro then I can happily test it.

I'll let you know how I get on.

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There is likely a configuration error on the Clover side... I will have to research why Manual Transactions is missing in EU.

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Jacob, our tests have shown that the payments intent is the same (ACTION_CLOVER_PAY) but manual transactions is not working. Do you know the model ID for the station pro so I can add this to the Android code, and what intent we should be using to initiate a manual transaction.


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I am working with my team members here to get manual transactions app available in eu so no code changes should be needed. Thanks for sitting tight while we work this out.

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Jacob, are we any closer to a resolution of this?

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My team informs me that manual transactions app is now available on Clover Station Pro in Europe. Please confirm that everything is working as expected.

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Robin Walmsley answered

Jacob. I can confirm that payments work fine on the Station Pro, and the only issue is Refunds. I am using this intent ...

intent = new Intent("com.clover.intent.action.START_MANUALTRANSACTION");

to call manual transactions for both Charges and Refunds, but we only actually need a Refunds action. Our software handles Manual Charges separately.

Can you recommend an intent to use for Refunds that would also work on Station 1, Mini 1 and 2.

I'm pretty certain Station 1 does not support the manual refund intent

intent = new Intent("clover.intent.action.MANUAL_REFUND");

so we'll need to make that decision in the code based on Model number (C100, C501 etc).


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