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Deleted devices

When you query the REST API like this:

you get a result element that contains an object with a device id (no further name/value pairs). However if you then use this id to do

one gets the following for a deleted device:

"details":"No device with id abcded"
"message":"Not Found"

And also this query

does not contain above received, deleted device.

Then I wonder what sense makes the deleted_time filter in this query?<1579595813000

It returns zero elements. Also without the deleted_time filter I don't the get the deleted device. I tested by disassociating a device and the result is exactly as described above. The device disappears from the API, the only thing that remains is the device_id in the response to the order request. So is there any way to retrieve deleted devices? Is the deleted_time filter not working?

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ commented ·

I agree, it doesn't seem to make sense. I am going to have to look into this one. If you don't hear anything back in a few days please ping me so I don't forget. For clarification, you questions are, is there a way to obtain the details for a deleted/disassociated device? And, If not, what is the point of the deleted_time filter?

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greg avatar image greg David Marginian ♦♦ commented ·

Questions correctly understood!

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ greg commented ·

Looking at the code, it doesn't appear we ever had the ability to retrieve deleted/disaassociated devices. So, I agree with you the deleted_time filter doesn't seem to make much sense. The question I have for you is that is retrieving deleted devices something you require?

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