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Inventory Update Hooks for Items that don't exist

We've been receiving inventory UPDATE hooks for item IDs that don't seem to exist when we query the v3 API.

For instance, here is an item we received an update hook for yesterday (03/22) at 4:20:17pm UTC:

[2017-03-22 16:20:17] {"appId":"ZQJYAQBQXB10Y","merchants":{"KREGFT55QM3QY":[{"objectId":"I:B480DQMZ4EGF4","type":"UPDATE","ts":1490199616685}]}}

(The above hook was part of a batch of inventory hooks which I have truncated for the purpose of this post.)

But when we query Clover's V3 inventory API, we received 'Not found':

[2017-03-22 16:20:20] {"details":"No item with id B480DQMZ4EGF4","message":"Not Found"}

We have received hooks for this item previously on 03/02 for which we received the same response. Please advise.

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Could you expand on the flow which led to this webhook being sent? It doesn't look like this item exists; I'm wondering how the webhook could have been sent?

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Well that is what we are asking you...Can you explain what you mean by "expand on the flow?" Do you need more examples of webhooks we are receiving for items that do not exist?

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This error is coming from a test account that I assume you have access to? Are there specific steps that you or I can take to reproduce the error or does it seem completely random? It sounds like there are multiple items this is occurring with. How often is it occurring? Do you have any insights as to what triggered this webhook to send on (03/22) at 4:20:17pm UTC?

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We do not know what is causing these hooks. The first example we sent was from our own test account. Please see below for live merchants. It seems to be completely random.

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[2017-03-23 21:59:03] {"appId":"0MSJPGW5MJF0T","merchants":{"53MVGSB0ENG1T":[{"objectId":"I:SY4CNY8S8TWYG","type":"UPDATE","ts":1490306342855}]}} [2017-03-23 21:59:52] {"details":"No item with id SY4CNY8S8TWYG","message":"Not Found"}

[2017-03-22 19:12:20] {"appId":"0MSJPGW5MJF0T","merchants":{"MA09B13ZKA0EC":[{"objectId":"I:16ZWT4TGX6Y2E","type":"UPDATE","ts":1490209939941}]}} [2017-03-22 19:12:25] {"details":"No item with id 16ZWT4TGX6Y2E","message":"Not Found"}

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