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Web Hooks sending bogus inventory IDs


Around 11:56:56 and lasting until 12:00:28 PST, we noticed a very strange occurrence where we were receiving inventory update hooks for all numeric IDs.

Here is a snippet of log entries during the occurrence:

[2016-04-15 11:56:56] {"appId":"YD5XWPZ4ECT9M","merchants":{"(removed by poster)":[{"objectId":"I:92706875","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613},{"objectId":"I:92659539","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613},{"objectId":"I:92706921","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613},{"objectId":"I:92714723","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613},{"objectId":"I:92706943","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613},{"objectId":"I:92706899","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613},{"objectId":"I:92717647","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613},{"objectId":"I:92717873","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613},{"objectId":"I:92717877","type":"UPDATE","ts":1460746669613}, ... snipped

We have several more logged lines with this type of request. When our script subsequently requested more information from the Clover API about these items, the response was 'Not found.'

[2016-04-15 11:57:01] {"details":"No item with id 92706875","message":"Not Found"}

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This is happening on a more regular basis now. We had an ISO who had this happen to every inventory item. In addition, this has happened to 3 merchants now.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We have already been tracking this issue and are developing a fix for it as soon as possible.

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Just a quick update on this, a hotfix was pushed as of last night!

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