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Attaching CloverGo payment to existing orderID

Is there a way to apply a payment from the Clover Go to an existing order in the merchant's PoS?

We're building a iPad based semi-integration and we've been working with the CloverGo iOS example app ( which has been working fine. However, the example only illustrates creating a new order and adding a custom item. Per this snippet from the CloverGoConnector Swift file....

Can someone please point me to documentation or an example of how to attach a CloverGo payment to an existing order?

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All payments are attached to orders, whether the app in question exposes that detail or not. You should be able to retrieve the payment, then check the order ID attribute.

If you are asking how to move a payment from one order to another, that is not possible.

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Thanks for the response Jeffrey. We’re trying to open an order through the v3 API and use the CloverGo to process a payment and close out the order. Is this possible?

The CloverGo iOS example I linked to only creates new orders for the payments from CloverGo, no option to pass in an existing orderID.

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I don't think this is currently possible (although I don't know much about the Go SDK). In general semi-integrations assume that the POS owns the order. The SDK creates the Clover order because it is required for a payment but it is only an internal place-holder to get around the requirement.

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Appreciate your responses on this! Are you able to confirm with the semi-integrations team or someone internally regarding this? I've emailed them but no response.

In this code snippet from the sample app...

it shows the "keyedRequest" function requires an order for the payment (like you two have mentioned, which makes sense) but it would seem that we could use the CloverConnector SDK to retrieve an existing order and pass THAT order in for the payment versus creating an entirely new order.

Anyone you could reach out to, put me in touch with or even documentation you could point me to would be GREATLY appreciated.

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