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intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_ALLOW_PARTIAL_AUTH, false) Crashes the Secure pay app

We would like to disable Partial Auth for ACTION_SECURE_PAY so we added the following code to the intent when invoking secure pay
intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_ALLOW_PARTIAL_AUTH, false);
We also set the card entry method to CARD_ENTRY_METHOD_MANUAL And Used the card ending with 3335 from here and did a partial payment. But it resulted in the Secure pay app to crash.

Using PaymentConnector Sale or auth request we couldn't find a way to disable partial auth.

Is there a way to disable partial auth for sale using action secure pay.

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Update - It is not possible to disable partial auth.

You can handle it by verifying the amount of the payment in the sale response and issuing a void if the payment was not for the full amount.
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I got some more information from the payments team. Partial auth cannot be disabled, this is not a Clover limitation and has to do with certification at the payment network level. There are some details here that I will spare you, in summary you will need to take the advice I recommended above.

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@David Marginian - Thanks for the response. As you mentioned, Is it possible to initiate a void programmatically from our application itself?

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I am not sure how you are integrating, but assuming you are using Payment Connector, yes please see PaymentConnector.voidPayment.

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