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Passing Tax Value to PreAuth Capture

The SaleRequest scenario implemented on our application is as below.
1. Place the order over REST API and obtain the respective orderId.
2. Payment is done via the clover android SDK for the obtained orderId.

Taxes are working without any issue for the above implementation. For the PreAuth scenario, I follow the same above approach but instead of SaleRequest, I use the PreAuthRequest and CapturePreAuthRequest. Since there's no way to define the total amount and tax amount separately in the PreAuthRequest I pass only the total amount to the request. Even though after the capture request the amount deducted by the card is correct, the Clover orders app says the order is "PARTIALLY PAID". After checking the order details, it seems like clover is again calculating tax for the original total so the total is increased than the paid amount.

For example
Item price $100
Tax percentage 10%
order total $110 <- This amount will be captured

But on the clover Orders app item price will be listed as $110 and an additional 10% of $11 will be mentioned as tax and the total will come to $121 and the order will be marked as "PARTIALLY PAID"
Is there any way to overcome this tax problem on the above flow?
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@Jeffrey Blattman @Admin @Raymond Lee Highly appreciate any help on this issue.

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Are you using Payment Connector? Can you explain exactly how you are performing the PreAuth/PreAuthCapture? Are you performing the PreAuth via REST API? Are you associating line items? Can you submit a private post with your merchant information (and environment, if not sandbox) and details of your PreAuth and PreAuthCapture request so we can take a look (see the "What is the Clover Developer Community" sticky on how to do this)?

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The issue here is that the line item of the order you are associating with the PreAuth has a tax rate and (as you noted) the capture API doesn't expose the tax fields necessary for the payment to be adjusted properly. I have created an internal issue to correct this. In the meantime is it possible to use a line item that has no associated taxes? The orders app won't display the taxes correctly but it should no longer display as "PARTIALLY PAID".

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