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Cloud Pay Display REST APIs?

We're interested in working with Clover Mini terminals through Cloud Pay Display but notice that your REST APIs don't seem to provide support for Cloud Pay Display, and your Cloud Pay Display SDKs are available for Java and Node.js, but not our common service layer backend language (PHP).

Am I getting the wrong impression from this Developer Pay blurb? Are there REST APIs that support Cloud Pay Display, or only the SDKs I mentioned above?

Developer Pay supports basic sale transactions; many payment functions available on Clover hardware and in other Clover SDKs are not available with this API.
Developer Pay APICloud Pay Display
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You are looking at the Developer Pay API which is designed for taking payments via a webpage (without a Clover Device involved) and is not related to or used with Cloud Pay Display. What would you like to do? If you are looking for a semi-integrated solution where your POS system uses Clover devices to take payment then our Cloud SDK (JavaScript not Java) and Cloud Pay Display are what you are looking for - We do not currently have a REST API for semi integration, our SDKs offer a full-featured asynchronous API.
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Sorry, David, no; that's not at all what we're looking for.
We require the use of a device (specifically one of your great white terminal/PoS devices) for our use case, as it is a card present solution.
We can do a Node.js service to interact with the Clover Mini (would our dev kit number help?), but would prefer not to support it in production, and hence my question above.
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I am still unclear on what you are looking for. What do you mean you don't want to support it in production? You want another developer to build a POS system for you? I would discourage a server based solution as you will have to manage the connection to the device for each POS connected to the server. Generally, you would interface with the device via your front-end web-app (1 to 1 with the device).

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