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How do I reset the DNS cache on my Clover devices?

Our online ordering service was set up on a new server, and it appears that even beyond 48 hours later several customer devices are still trying to access the old location. How can a DNS cache reset be performed so that the devices correctly make requests to the *new* server?
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The DNS cache time on the device is in the order of minutes or less. It's more likely whatever DNS server is configured for the merchant is still returning the old address.
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Thank you for your information Jeffrey. We have acted appropriately on this and tested. Computers outside of Clover on the same network are accessing the correct, new location. Only the Clover machines themselves are still attempting to communicate with the old server. Is there a way to flush the DNS on the Clover device? It does not appear to be caching in the order of minutes; it's been all week in this instance.
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No there is no developer accessible method to clear the DNS cache.

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That is fine, but the customer's machine still needs to be contacting the correct IP to communicate with our server. What method should these customers be taking to have someone look at this type of issue? Is there a specific support line or email address that they can contact to have this issue resolved?

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