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Error installing app on clover mini

Hello i have 1 merchant who is not able to install our app on clover minis, he sais he tried at least 2 of them, i have had no other issue wit any other merchant, could it be his account is compromised? Or both devices are compromised, please help dont want to lose a potential customer, thanknyou @richell. Ps download-20190910-132638.jpgOur app is cloopcard
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That looks like a Mini 2. Have you enabled (and tested) your app for that device type?

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Correction: it might actually be a later design of a Mini 1. Get the device serial from the merchant.

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It is enablebled and tested for all devices asked for the serial number waithingbon the replay
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Merchant confirmed its a clover mini 2nd generation
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Yes I verified it's set for that device type, and it's signed correctly for that device type, and the min SDK is set correctly. I verified you don't have any merchant groups overriding them to install an older version. If you want to have them try the install and then do Help > Diagnostics > Send Logs I can see if I see anything.

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Merchant is not able to unistall the app anymore, it was uninstalling yesterday, had him send you the logs afther faild attempt to uninstall, i advised him to try to uninstall from web dashboard and install again innorder to send you more logs, do you need the merchant name to retrive the logs?
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Send me the device serial please.

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Okay we have a little more information. First, I believe the app was actually installed even though it reported as failed. Can you have the merchant test some functionality of your app?

The root cause is that your app targets SDK 27. That turns off compatibility layers in Android, specifically, preventing the ACTION_APP_INSTALL_DONE intent from reaching your AppInstalationService. That makes our updater report it as an error... but again, I think the app is actually installed okay. Of course if there was something in AppInstalationService that didn't execute and prevents your app from working that'd be a problem.

A workaround is to target 25 or lower.

You should never set the target SDK higher than something on which you've tested. If you set the target SDK to a number, it means you've tested your app on the SDK level and everything is working okay.

We'd of course like you to be able to target 26+, but a solution to that is going to be a bit farther out, so I'd advise you to consider the workaround.
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