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How to delete testing merchant from sandbox developer account?


I cannot find a way to delete a testing sandbox merchant from a developer account.

Thank you, Ondrej

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Is there a particular reason you need it deleted?

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Hi Jeff, we are experiencing strange cross-installation behavior between merchants within same developer account. Installing the app to Merchant1 on the web make it installed on the device that is set up to the Merchant2. I have written about to , subject "Bug: Multi merchant sandbox account cross-installation" .This is why I am trying to remove additional merchants from the account.

Regards, Ondrej

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Hi Jeff,

The merchant does now want a developer account tied to their login. Everytime they log in it goes straight to the developer page before they can get to their merchant dashboard.

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If it's a sandbox merchant, does it matter? sandbox is for developers only. Maybe I'm missing something. Anyway, the developer account is generated when the merchant logs into the developer console w/ their associated login (email). So, the answer is, as a merchant, don't do that in production. We do not have a way to delete (or disassociate) a developer / merchant account.

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There is actually no direct relationship between a merchant and a developer. The merchants a developer will see are the ones for which the account (email/password) has access. Take a look at the merchant's employees and see which email address are listed there. Listing another merchant's email gives them access to the account.

There's no way to delete a merchant.

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