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AuthToken & Merchant ID is null for Test Merchant in Clover Dev Kit (Mini)

I was running the gettoken example (from android-examples) on the Dev Kit and saw that the authToken and merchantId in AuthResult returned by CloverAuth.authenticate are null.

The Dev Kit is configured with Test Merchant in the Sandbox environment. Any ideas why this is happening?

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This unfortuantely is a side effect of simply side-loading some of the examples, the Clover system does not register the package name as being installed via the App Market and thus does not have an access token available for it to return.

If you try creating a Quick Android App in Sandbox, CloverAuth.authenticate will correctly return a token and merchant id for you to develop with.

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Do I need to upload the APK to the Android App (created in Sandbox) and install it via the App Market in the clover dev kit? In the sandbox environment, i am not able to "Submit App". I am wondering if the app would be available in the App Market without submit.

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Test apps are always available to your developer's test merchant via the App Market app. You do not need to submit the app to test it.

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If want to get the Oauth tocke what should I do, I am facing the same problem. Any fix for that problem

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OAuth tokens can only be generated for web apps that have an App ID. Basically, you need to create a web app on your developer account, set up a Site URL, and then you will be able to go through the OAuth flow to retrieve a token.

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