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Authorization returns NOT FOUND


I have created app and submitted for review. Now, trying to authorize app on merchant account using:{AppID}&redirecturi={UrlToRedirect}

'redirecturi' is the url where to redirect in following format:[removed]&merchantid=EHFABCCE7D1SA&employeeid=ZX23RCCE7D1P1&client_id=HENXXTCZ3QP26

But when I hit the first url, it takes me to a page to select merchant and when merchant is selected then NOT FOUND shows in red popup.

What can be the reason that I am not able to get authorization url with properties which are to be used with 'auth/token' to get access token?

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This is most likely because the merchant you have selected does not have the app (from AppID) installed.

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Can you also inspect the network request for more information? Chrome, for instance, has a handy debug panel to see which API call(s) is failing to return Not Found.

It very likely is due to what @hammer stated though.

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Thanks for your replies. Then how do I need to install the app. I think authorization process is a part of app installation. Right?

Also, while hitting first url, I had replaced { {placeholder}} values with actual ones.

I see NOT FOUND as popup of website and not in console.

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Also, application is still under review.

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Thanks mike for your response. I think once my app is authorized, I can set country subscription while setting price of the app.

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In the network requests log in Chrome's Debug panel, you should see a request coming back, likely a 40x error that is causing the Not Found popup.

Please also verify that your app has a valid Country Subscription in terms of both pricing and supported countries. I've run into the Not Found errors due to not setting up either of the above values in the past.

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