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CloverAccount.getAccount(context) returning null for a new live device

Hi folks we have a single merchant who is getting a null result from CloverAccount.getAccount(context)

Thereby rendering our app (and probably other apps as well) useless. Do you know what could cause this and what we might try to fix it? The device is very new and was issued to him only this week I believe, so it sounds like something has gone wrong during it's initialization.

I've made him reboot several times, refresh, reinstall our app etc. I suspect he's going to have to swap out his Clover Mini.

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This is a little annoying as it's working for some of my apps and not for others and I've already followed the instructions found here and I'm using compileSdkVersion 28 & it's working but for some it isn't.

I suspect your device is a 2018 model? Shame that this isn't mentioned in the DOCs

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Thanks Bryanne I had missed this, yes it must be one of the first gen 2 Minis in the country over here. Better cut that Target SDK version right back down again.

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Don't migrate to AndroidX, you'll thank me later.

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