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Clover sandbox merchant from application automatically gets removed.

@zgreathouse, @Raymond Lee
For our application merchant is automatically removed, although it is showing a merchant in merchant list, we tried to view the application in the market place by clicking on "Preview in App market" it gives us error not found, this has never happened earlier. For getting rid of this issue we have to create a new application and update build in this. Clover sandbox environment is behaving very unexpectedly from last month when there are some updates going on it.
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Hi @Gaurav, can you provide a bit more detail? What do you mean "automatically removed"? Can you Preview in App Market on a different test merchant? Has this been happening multiple times?

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Hi @Chanel

It happened only once in sandbox environment, in sandbox account, there is a list of merchants for the application. On clover application listing page we have options like merchants, settings, details. If we click on merchants we see the list of merchants but when we click on "Preview in App market" it says "error not found". This means that either the application is not available in App Market or the merchant is not tied up to the application somehow. Earlier we are able to found the application on app market. For now, we have removed the application and created a new application and it is working fine.

Chanel, at the moment we have priority for getting batch closeout details. I had posted other tickets for the same. It will be highly appreciated If you can help on letting us know how to get the closeout data or how we can manually perform closeout and get batch data.

Link for Batch closeout ticket:-

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