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Cant Login on Clover (Launcher) Engine

Hey there,

I can not login to the launcher. Its says my credentials are invalid, but they are not. But I'm in Europe not in the states or else. Do I need to swtich something there? Because the login view is not responsive as it should be. So I can't see anything!

I'm not using sandbox. Because this doesnt work in europe it always leads to the normal developer page so I have no clue whats that about but it doenst work properly. I also can't change my settings because the react app crashes and is always complaining about some country code. There must be something awefuly wrong with the database entities or your entity manager.

We are waiting over 6 Month now for help!!!! Please help!! Nothing works!!! This is super frusttrating.

Clover Android SDKEmulator
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If you are going to emulate a Clover device, it should be in sandbox, not production.

Are you following the steps provided here? Please review each section and let me know at what point the process differ for you.

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