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ACTION_SECURE_PAY with tethered FD terminal / Clover mini on Station 2018

Is it possible to get payments from an FD35 payment terminal/clover mini theatherd to a Clover Station 2018 when invoking the ACTION_SECURE_PAY intent.

According to the requirement, we don't want the customers to interact with the Station 2018’s inbuilt mag/emv reader, and wants to use the FD35’s instead.

If there’s an alternate to ACTION_SECURE_PAY that lets us achieve this, please let us know.

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We currently do not have an SDK to directly interface with attached FD35/FD40s, so you will have to indirectly navigate merchants to the Clover Pay screen, where they can click on the "Charge on PIN Pad" button.

You can do this using the ACTION_CLOVER_PAY intent:
    Intent intent = new Intent(Intents.ACTION_CLOVER_PAY);
    intent.putExtra(CloverIntent.EXTRA_ORDER_ID, getOrder().getId());

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Hi @Raymond Lee

Thank you for the response, the above code snippet invokes the merchant facing payment screen, our requirement is to show this to customers so we would like to hide the cash and 3rd party tenders, so that the payment screen would only show charge on connected device and credit/debit card insert or swipe.

Is this possible using the clover sdk methods.


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Unfortunately that screen is meant to be a merchant facing payment screen like you mentioned, so it should not be shown to customers.

The tenders you mentioned (cash, 3rd party tenders) can be enabled/disabled as a merchant setting (here are the instructions for a merchant to do so).

We do have a TenderConnector, which can be used to enable/disable tenders, but regardless, you should not be showing the merchant facing payment screen to customers.

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