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Receipt printing

I'm printing receipt by using:
StaticReceiptPrintJob printJob = (StaticReceiptPrintJob) new StaticReceiptPrintJob.Builder().order(order).flag(FLAG_CUSTOMER).build();return new PrintJobsConnector(getReactApplicationContext()).print(p, printJob);
Transactions are made with contactless payment method, the same credit card every time and my problem is receipt content:
once it prints with card details between 'total' and 'order number', the other time prints without card details.
In my point of view it is like random. How can I define it?
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If you are passing the same order object it's not clear how the receipt could be different. It's acting on the data you feed it only. Can you please create an MCVE that demonstrates the problem? I am looking for an app with source that I can compile, run and prints the same order object 2x resulting in different receipt output for each print.

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@Jeffrey Blattman I think you didn't get my point.

Generally I'm creating react native app and here is my scenario:

1. Creating new order with one custom line item (to skip adding it to inventory) and it has always same parameters (name, price, quantity).

2. Start payment intent, use contactless payment method.

3. When payment is finished, print receipt

I repeat steps 1-3 for example 5 times. I get 3 receipts without card details and 2 with card details. It doesn't really matter which version is printed but I would like to have it always loks the same.

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I got your point. I'm asking you to give me an app that demonstrates the problem. It would also help if you could post pictures of the receipts.

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I'm having the same issue here .. all morning .. all my test has come back with empty credit card info on receipt and response back to POS. What is going on?? Not getting ReferenceId or AuthCode back.. .they are now null.
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See my request above.

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