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Secure Network Pay Display Randomly Stops Working

On our merchants' Clover Minis, the app just randomly stop working after a while, attempts to connect to it receive 404 code. Rebooting the units by unplugging the power cord and re-plugging seems to be the only way to make it work again, until the next times. On some days it happens multiple times.

We can't find the pattern when it happens, but it often (not always) seems to happen after any one of these:
1. Few hundred sale transactions
2. Few back to back sale transactions (with about 10-20s spacing time between the transactions)
3. Printing 30-40 images (each is about 380px x 200px)
4. Network connection interrupts (when the network router Clover Minis connect to gets restarted for example)
5. Exiting the app (using 4 finger corners) and quickly re-launch the app.

(I understand #4 & #5 are not typically workflows, just listing them here in case they can add any more clues to developers)
Clover Minisecure network pay display
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Hi David,

Please fill out the following issue reporting template and fill it out to the best of your ability:

1. Summary of issue

2. Number of merchants affected

3. Clover merchant UUID(s) (e.g., TB6EHCJW2K3EW)

4. Device serial number(s) (e.g., C030UQ53350483)

5. Which SDK you are using, including version number (One of the following: clover-android-sdk, clover-android-connector-sdk, remote-pay-cloud, remote-pay-windows, remote-pay-android, remote-pay-ios, remote-pay-java)

6. Which Pay Display app (or Station Pay), including version number:

7. Steps to reproduce behavior (in this case, just as close as you can get)

8. Code sample:

9. POS logs surrounding issue

10. After reproducing the issue yourself on a Clover device, send device logs via the Help app (Menu button on the upper left > Diagnostics > Send Device Logs)

Please also describe how you are disposing of the Clover Connector.



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