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Not getting VerifySIgnatureRequest for signature confirmation

Hi Team,

We were getting the verifySignaturerequest in OnVerifySignatureRequest method for signature confirmation after performing the signature on the clover mini device but now we are not getting any request for signature confirmation after performing signature on Clover Mini Device. We are getting successful sale response(may be it is auto accepting the signature) without asking for signature confirmation.

We set autoAcceptSignature flag to false in sale request and done required setting on the clover Mini(attached picture) Device but it is not working.

Below is the sale request :{"disablePrinting":true,"cardNotPresent":null,"disableRestartTransactionOnFail":false,"amount":849,"cardEntryMethods":36623,"vaultedCard":null,"externalId":"6710015813","type":"PAYMENT","signatureThreshold":null,"signatureEntryLocation":null,"disableReceiptSelection":true,"disableDuplicateChecking":true,"autoAcceptPaymentConfirmations":false,"autoAcceptSignature":false,"tippableAmount":null,"tipAmount":null,"disableCashback":null,"disableTipOnScreen":null,"taxAmount":50,"allowOfflinePayment":true,"forceOfflinePayment":false,"approveOfflinePaymentWithoutPrompt":true,"tipMode":null}.

Are we missing some signature configuration or is device tampered?

could please let us know why it is happening?

Clover Minisemi-integrations
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Hi Team,

Please let us know if you need any information regarding the issue?

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