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Integration questions about payments with Clover


We are creating an app for the Clover Flex device and we need to make a payment through the Clover environment (the Clover device should execute the payment and print the receipt).

Guy from technical team at Clover suggested using “Intents.ACTION_SECURE_PAY”. That works well with card swiper interaction, but we have a few questions, can you help?
  1. What the right solution to print the receipt through intent? Right now I only found a way to print by adding to TransactionSettings, signatureEntryLocation = ON_PAPER
  2. Is it possible to add a custom list of items and prices to the receipt? This would be in addition to all the payment fields already printed on the receipt
  3. Can we print the onScreen customer signature on the receipt? Right now we don't see the signature on the payment chit even when the customer enters it

Thank you in advance,
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FYI ACTION_SECURE_PAY is for performing credit card auths. If you want the full payment flow including other tender types and receipt printing, see ACTION_CLOVER_PAY.

1. To print receipts programmatically, see classes under in the SDK.

2. No, you cannot augment the receipt in that way. You can use the Smart Receipts mechanism to add what amounts to a "go here for more information" link to the receipt:

3. No we do not render the signature on the paper receipt. It is available online with the web receipt however.

Note that the receipt printed automatically in the ACTION_SECURE_PAY flow is a merchant receipt intended to capture the signature CVM. If you are calling ACTION_SECURE_PAY directly, it's your responsibility to print the customer receipt. You can use a standard Clover print job (see 1 above), but you can also formulate the bitmap yourself to look like whatever you want (but we do not expose an API to retrieve the customer's signature).
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