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Clover REST API Cannot Find Order

Testing an order creation of Clover REST API.
The order created successfully and returned order id.

But when trying to get information about the order ID, got response:
{"details":"Order not found","message":"Not Found"}

Same issue happened a couple days ago. And this happening again.

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Jeffrey Blattman avatar image Jeffrey Blattman ♦♦ commented ·

Are you saying that you create an order, then attempt to fetch the order and you get a 404? Can you explain when this happens or how to reproduce?

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It's happening when I open this thread.
How to reproduce, simply create and order and fetch it.
I also test using the API docs page, same result.

Now everything backs to normal.

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Jeffrey Blattman avatar image Jeffrey Blattman ♦♦ 01928-7325x2 commented ·

Obviously order creation works in general or every Clover device in the field would be failing. It would be useful if you could post some example code that can duplicate the problem. Please read this: and update your question. You should be able to post a script that, using CURL, can reproduce the problem,

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It's pure calling create order API and then fetch the order using the returned order ID from the first API call. No additional code as I replicated the issue on Clover API docs page.
It works normally now.


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