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When/how do we get priceWithModifiersAndItemAndOrderDiscounts from the API?

Looking at the Clover API Documentation it shows the LineItem model looking something like;
  "orderLevelDiscountAmount": "long",
  "note": "",
  "userData": "",
  "priceWithModifiersAndItemAndOrderDiscounts": "long",
  "itemCode": "",
  "payments": "--Expandable Field--",
But I have never seen the field priceWithModifiersAndItemAndOrderDiscounts in the API response when doing something like for example.Is there a way to force the API to return this field? Or does it only appear in certain situations?

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I have just added &return_null_fields=true which returns the field as null, so I guess the answer is that it's only set in certain situations. But what situations?

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