Asking & answering questions

Before posting a question:

  • Search for similar questions before posting.
  • If you find an older post with a similar problem, but want to provide more details, post a new question. You can then link to the older question.
  • Post in relevant spaces: App Market Developer Platform, Semi-Integration, Clover Go, Ideas & feedback.

Posting a question:

  • Problem overview: Explain what you are trying to accomplish and why. With more details, we can provide targeted and faster answers.
  • Sharing private data: Never post API tokens. Private comments are only viewable by moderators.
  • Categorize: When asking a question, you can add relevant topics:
  • When reporting what you think is a bug, please provide a minimal, complete, verifiable example.
  • Use Gist or Pastebin to post large code snippets, stack trace, or logcat.
  • For problems experienced with a Clover device, include device model (Mini, Mobile, Station, etc) and SDK version information:
    • For firmware version, use adb shell getprop | grep
    • For Clover Engine APK version, use adb shell dumpsys package com.clover.engine | grep versionCode

After posting a question:

  • Mark answered questions: This helps other developers to identify correct solutions.
  • Update your questions as you find new information: Delete your questions if they turn out to be invalid.

Writing a good answer:

Answers should be answers: If you are the original poster and you have a related question, post it as a new question.

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