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REST API returning incorrect billing info


from a few days we see errors in our logs when trying to get the app billing info:

Reproducing the exact issue is hard, is it is inconsistent - it will work most of the time.

This made us check Clover API docs and try to execute the call from there, in hopes we can reproduce the issue there. What we found out is that two different calls may return different app subscription results, even if we do not change subscription of the merchant we test.

Example: merchant on FREE plan
call once -> API returns FREE (good)
call second time -> API returns PAID plan (not good)
call again -> get FREE again

This is messing up our new merchants registration process - we check for billing info there and it is not nice for merchants to see errors as they abandon registration.

This was working for months without issues, is there any change going on at the moment we need to be aware of?
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