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Customer tender on tethered mini launching merchant intent

Hi folks,

We several clients with Minis tethered to Stations. Our app responds to both merchant and customer tenders. When a sale is put through and the customer facing Mini displays payment options, some clients are accidentally hitting our tender when they wish to pay with a standard contactless debit or credit card. That's our first bit of feedback, that potentially the positioning of the tenders should change somehow if you get the same feedback from elsewhere.

The main question though is that when our app is launched it is apparently not given the clover.intent.action.CUSTOMER_TENDER intent action. It's working fine on the sandbox devices, but for production merchants it's either not given an action at all, or it's given the MERCHANT_TENDER action. I've tried every flow I can think of to launch the app via the secure payments activity on a Mini but cannot repro what they are seeing.

Have you guys ever seen anything like this?

Here is the manifest entry for the merchant and customer tender. I have a theory that enclosing both intent filters in the same activity is problematic on production but it's a shot in the dark :)


        android:resource="@mipmap/mini_tender" />

        <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

        <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />
        <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />

        <action android:name="clover.intent.action.MERCHANT_TENDER" />
        <action android:name="clover.intent.action.CUSTOMER_TENDER" />
PaymentsCustom Tenderssecure network pay displaySale
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I was able to reproduce your issue and currently doing some investigation.

Edit: I misunderstood the requirements; still unable to reproduce.

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Dan avatar image Dan chanel commented ·

Thanks Chanel it's brilliant you can see something unusual happening. We are still trying to get our hands on 2 EU production devices to see if the issue only manifests itself on production and do some more debugging

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Dan avatar image Dan chanel commented ·

Hi Chanel, is there any update to this yet? Thanks

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chanel avatar image chanel Dan commented ·

No update just yet.

Just for clarification, you're attempting to launch the same activity for Merchant and Customer facing?

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