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Expiring auth tokens coming in 2023 - 2024

Clover plans to implement expiring authentication tokens in 2023 - 2024. We will use short-lived, refreshable access tokens to authenticate with APIs. Your applications will need to manage these tokens and handle the access token refresh to maintain continuous access to the APIs.

See the expiring auth tokens announcement for roll-out details and dates.

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We have an existing app, however we are testing updates to the app in Sandbox and we are experiencing Auth Token issues. We are unable to get Auth Tokens after the new Core Payments update.

We're not sure if its related to the recent Core Payments update or this new Expiring Token anouncment because we cant seem to get a reply from Clove Dev Relations.

What is the status of this Auth Toke Refresh change and how do we manage the Token Refresh?

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How will this change affect the tokens generated for IFRAME integrations?

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Have there been any updates on this? I have not seen any announcements since April 19, 2023 (the linked announcement).

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We're able to generate and test expiring tokens for platform APIs but for any of the Rest Pay display APIs with cloud display app endpoints we're still only able to use the old tokens and the new tokens are returning unauthorised itself. Are the RPD APIs using old token authorisations only yet? when are you going to release the new token authentication for them?

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