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Introducing: Recurring Payments and Subscriptions APIs

Clover is excited to announce the release of Recurring Payments and Subscriptions APIs. These APIs give Clover merchants and developers the ability to setup recurring charges on a periodical basis, such as monthly or weekly. Customers can be charged on a finite basis (for example, a payoff installment for six months) or infinite (for example, a streaming subscription). The subscription service will process each invoice at the configured date. Clover handles sending recurring invoices once the subscription is created.

Please refer to the Recurring Payments and Subscriptions APIs documentation for more information.

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@davidbaugher - this API set is asking for X-Clover-Merchant-Id header. Why can't this be determined by the bearer auth?

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ kirank commented ·

The merchant id header is required. Getting into the reasons why would mean getting into the specifics of the implementation of the service.

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This brings a 404?

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tmescic avatar image tmescic Bryanne Vega commented ·

The link is broken, I believe this is the correct one:

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ tmescic commented ·

Thanks, I have fixed the link.

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