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Secure Network Pay Display is Available for Testing in Sandbox


We’re excited to announce that Secure Network Pay Display (SNPD) is available in the sandbox App Market for Clover Mini, Mobile, and Flex.

Unlike Cloud Pay Display, which passes requests through the Clover Cloud, SNPD allows your POS to connect to a Clover device directly over the local network.

SNPD is compatible with:
  • Remote Pay Android 1.3.1+
  • Remote Pay Cloud 1.2.0+
  • Remote Pay iOS
  • Remote Pay Java
  • Remote Pay Windows 1.4.1+
Connecting to SNPD requires your POS to trust the Clover certificate authority. See this documentation for more details.

Please keep the following in mind if you would like to integrate via SNPD on Clover Flex. In order to function properly, our Remote Pay SDKs assume a consistent, stable WebSocket connection between your POS and the Clover device. Clover Flex, being an inherently on-the-go, mobile device, is more prone to roaming in and out of WiFi, which endangers the WebSocket connection.

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Can you provide some usage examples for SNPD? Explaining how to integrate it with POS. @keithryanwong

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Hi @pharekar,

Excellent question! Our 'Getting Started' documentation features details specific to each SDK on how to connect to the Clover device via SNPD, as well as USB Pay display and Cloud Pay display (where applicable). After reading through that material, I recommend going through the remote-pay github repos for more implementation examples.

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Perfect! Thank you so much @keithryanwong

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