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IMPORTANT Cloud Pay Display

UPDATE: Cloud Pay Display version 150, which corrects the timing issue discovered in the previous version, has been published to all merchants in the US production environment.

Clover's Semi-Integrations team has identified an issue with Cloud Pay Display that can cause it to become unresponsive when launched by the push server, or if the app is initially launched manually but is later moved to the background (such as after a four-finger exit). We are already working on a fix and will be rolling it out as soon as possible.

In the short term, this has a simple workaround: merchants should launch Cloud Pay Display manually before the POS calls ICloverConnector.initializeConnection() and then keep Cloud Pay Display running in the foreground.

If a merchant reports that Cloud Pay Display is unresponsive, they should:

1. Completely exit Cloud Pay Display by closing it from the Recent Apps screen: four-finger exit Cloud Pay Display if it's running in the foreground, and then tap the Recent Apps button and drag Cloud Pay Display off.

2. From the Clover device launcher, tap Cloud Pay Display. (This may require merchants to scroll to see additional pages of installed apps.)

3. Try taking payments again.
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Is this update released yet? My latest Cloud Pay Display app is 1.0468. As of Dec 23, 2022, we don't get the approval code sometimes through the API call to Cloud Pay Display on older Clover devices. It works fine on the latest Clover Flex.

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Al avatar image Al Al commented ·

Is this new version released?

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Nicholas Ho avatar image Nicholas Ho ♦♦ Al commented ·

Yes, as stated in the post, this was released in version 150 (or 1.0-150) of Cloud Pay Display which was rolled out in November 21, 2017. Your version should be 468, our latest version of the app.

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