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Can I use my own native android app on various clover devices? clover flex?

I am trying to understand exactly what is possible with Clover. I have a native Android app that I built that is basically a POS system for the golf industry, I would love to run the app on one of these cool clover devices and I can use clover for the processing if I need to (I'm currently with Stripe).

1. is it possible to run my android app natively on your devices or are the devices locked down?
2. If I can do this, which devices are capable of this? I'd like to use clover flex in some areas of my courses but use station at the pro shop.

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In order for your app to run on one of our production devices, it must be downloaded through our Clover App Market and therefore go through the full app submission process. It's important to note that our App Market only supports public apps–private apps are not supported. If your app could be useful to other golf merchants, it may be a good fit. You can specify supported devices: Station, Mini, Mobile, and Flex.

You can also purchase a Clover DevKit for development and testing. These devices support sideloading apps, but are only functional in our sandbox environment.

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There are certain limitation on our devices, like Google Play Services not being available, but for the most part, it will run Android apps within the restriction of the device (eg. API level). It will also need to be published through our App Market as a public app.

API levels of each device:
4.2.2 (API 17) to emulate Clover Station, 4.4.4 (API 19) to emulate Clover Mini/Mobile, and Android 5.1.1 (API 22) to emulate Clover Flex.

What you are describing is a full-integration with our devices, where you run your software directly on our devices. You can run your POS as an app on top of our Clover OS, or there is a more deeply integrated option of rebuilding closer to the engine. All our devices are capable of running full-integration.

My suggestion would be to signup as a developer on our sandbox environment ( then read through some of our documentations:
You will need to do some additional work if you want to connect your app to our card reader / payment processing. We also provide devpay, which is very similar to Stripe.
Processing will need to go through our gates.

The other option is Semi-integration, which you would bring your own Android device with your software and connect with Clover's strictly for customer facing payment terminal. For that, I would suggest email
(only supported by Mini and Mobile at the moment)

For testing, you can load your app on our devkit devices, which you can get here:
or you can do your initial tests on an emulator:
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