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Issues with firebase messaging?

I'm working on an app that needs a reliable notification system between devices. I intended to use firebase because the built in Clover notification system isn't guaranteed to work however we're having issues receiving the notifications on the Clover device. I can receive notifications from Clover device to Emulator, but not from Emulator to Clover device.

Anyone else have this issue? What would you suggest as a reliable notification system? I just need to notify devices when new data is available.
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So if we can't use firebase and the Clover notification method isn't reliable, what are people using to send notifications to their Clover devices?

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Firebase notifications require Google Play services to work, and Clover devices do not support this.

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Hi @Miguel , can you please help us understand what approach can be taken knowing Clover notification is unreliable and Firebase cannot be used. Can you pls suggest?
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