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Genymotion v3 doesn't seem compatible with the Clover launcher

I've tried to follow the steps to setup the Android emulator for Clover ( I tried on both a Mac and an Ubuntu machine, but after I login to my Clover account and install updates I'm not presented with the option to choose the Clover launcher. I tried the reset steps in the docs. I also tried to manually set it via Settings > Home > Clover. No dice.

This is on the most up to date Genymotion and the most up to date Clover launcher/ App Updater

Clover Mini
Android 4.4

Clover Android SDKClover MiniEmulator
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I updated my Genymotion to V3 and have not been able to reproduce your issue with the launcher. One thing I think may be happening here is within the emulator you actual need to click through all the installs. You can't just click install updates. Is this something you have already done?

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@zgreathouse yep, have individually installed the app updates. Eventually figured that out. Should have updated the ticket.

A lot of them say that they failed to install/show an error message, but it seems like they end up getting installed anyways. Should I just ignore that?

Overall, I think it is working now. I had to spam the "Install updates" button many times (each time a package "failed" to update). Each time I pressed the button, it checked for updates for all remaining packages to install, verified the updates, and downloaded them. It's a bit annoying, but I got the hang of it.

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Thats good to hear! If it fails to install I always just try again slower. Sometimes if you move too fast through the installs you run into issues. Hopefully you do not need to update that often, this is mostly just an issue within the set up. Please let us know if you run into anymore issues.

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One limitation with emulators is that you must actually click through all the installs. If you have done this and still run into issues, please let us know.
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