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Identify order channel and automatically print all such orders

I would like to identify orders coming through particular "channel". In my case it will be mobile app that submits orders to Clover. Then, I would like to setup printer to print all these online orders for a manager to stay on top of online order fulfillment. What is the best way to achieve such functionality (preferably without development)?

I can set up special Employee and make all orders on behalf of this employee. I can associate printer with Labels and labels can be associated with items. But I cannot find a way to associate printers any other way.

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This functionality isn't currently supported automatically - so I can't think of a way you could accomplish it without some degree of development.

If you are going to build a solution, there are a couple approaches you could take:

  1. Tracking the UUIDs of the orders your app creates on an external database (has the advantage of being 'tamper proof' by merchants)

  2. Creating and assigning a special OrderType

  3. If there is another feature unique to the orders created by your app (service charge, lineItem, etc...) track that feature.

Regardless of which of these approaches you are using, currently the only way to create a special printing batch for your orders would be via your own 'On-Device' android app.

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Thanks for answer. I'll discuss with merchant a possibility to adjust business processes and if not explore development of the on-device app with printing capability.

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