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Clover Station provide any Flag when clover station goes in payment??

Clover station provide any flag when clover goes in payment mode !! if yes than how to get this flag we can use this flag in our app.? We are developing App and we will use just payment flag payment functionality not In our App just we want use flag.

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I am unclear what you mean when you say "payment mode", can you explain further? I am also unclear what you mean by "flag". Android typically broadcasts Intents to communicate changes in state to other apps, for example there are broadcasts when network state changes. Are you looking for a broadcast?

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yes i am looking for broadcast, but i want when in clover station in any third party app payment will process that time i want this broadcast status like if in clover station payment process running so that time we need broadcast message from other app, and payment is processing from other app so we stop our functionality.

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If you take a look at the com.clover.sdk.v1.Intents class in the clover-android-sdk project you will find a number of Intent action Strings that are broadcast. Just look for any String that starts with ACTION and mentions the word PAY in it. Clover Station works a little different from Clover Mobile/Mini since station. Since I am not 100% what you want and I'm also not totally certain exactly when each broadcast is sent I recommend that you register a BroadcastReceiver for all these intents and log when they arrive and then play with the device a little bit to see when and how they show up. Try out the Register app, Sale app and Manual Transaction app.

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