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Category Object cannot get Items

I'm trying to parse all items in a category.

From the REST API, I pull a category, then:

List<Item> categoryItems = lastSelectedCategory.getItems();

But I get an error on the editor:

Incompatible types:

Required com.clover.sdk.v3.Inventory.Item

Found com.clover.sdk.v3.base.Reference

I've done this with other objects, I'm only having this issue with the items from a category object.

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In other words, why is Item item = lastSelectedCategory.getItems().get(i); returning a Reference instead of an item?

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That means the element isn't expanded. You are getting item IDs not Items. You'll need to fetch each Item object by ID.

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edit see comment below

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This error is happening while editing code, not on run time, running the query appending ?expand=items will get me my items without having to fetch each of them.

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