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Request for Enhanced Order Management Solutions for Nile Cafe & Restaurant

Dear Clover Support Team,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. My name is Hashim, and I am the proud owner/operator of Nile Cafe & Restaurant, a cherished establishment located at Canada. We have been leveraging the Clover POS system to streamline our operations and are keen on further enhancing our operational efficiency and the overall customer dining experience.

We are particularly interested in integrating handheld devices into our service process, enabling our servers to take orders directly from the tables. We aim to route these orders to designated printers based on the type of order: drinks orders to be printed in our drinks area, shisha orders at our shisha bar, and food orders directly to our kitchen printer.

I am reaching out to inquire about the following aspects:

Device Compatibility: Could you please inform us about the handheld devices that are compatible with Clover POS for tableside order taking?

Printer Setup: We need guidance on configuring our Clover POS system to ensure orders are routed to specific printers based on their category (drinks, shisha, food). How can we achieve this?

Software Configuration: Are there specific apps or configurations within the Clover system that we need to utilize to enable this setup?

Training and Support: Does Clover provide training for our staff to use handheld devices efficiently for taking orders and managing printer setups? Furthermore, what kind of support can we expect during and after implementation?

Cost Implications: Please provide details on any additional costs that might be associated with this setup, including hardware, software, or service fees.

We are eager to make these enhancements with minimal disruption and believe Clover's innovative solutions can significantly contribute to our goals. Your detailed information, recommendations, and guidance on the next steps will be invaluable.

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Are you a Clover merchant? This forum is for developers that build apps on our platform to get development assistance. If you are a Clover merchant you should contact Clover support for assistance.

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